Chiara Boutique


Although Chiara is, in many ways, a traditional and family owned/operated company, we have also embraced the 21st Century and have welcomed the fact that our Polish market has grown to a much wider range of clientele because of Poland's introduction into the European Union. We are experts in the brands we represent.

Founded in 1989 by Barbara Karaszkiewicz, Chiara has been established as a trusted name in the Polish fashion market's shoes, handbag and accessory sector. Chiara is not only maintaining it's name as the premiere store for modern trends in style and fashion, but is also concentrating on new opportunities in importing, distribution, franchisee partner, and agent.

With 20 years of experience in the Polish market and by creating worldwide relationships with well-known fashion names, Chiara continues to grow as a leader and innovator in European fashion trends.


Through our enthusiasm, teamwork and values, we aim to provide perfection to customers who value this quality of life by offering perfection in the products we sell.


Seeking perfection is our main value. To maintain this perfection we believe in two fundamental values that are the foundation of our company. Ethics - The construction of value over time through sustainability, transparency and development. Passion for Excellence - Our love for beauty and craftsmanship.


Barbara Karaszkiewicz

Barbara's dream has always been to create a unique environment where women can go to shop and experience a higher level of lavishness. She followed though with this dream 20 years ago by opening the first Chiara boutique in downtown Warsaw, Poland. In 1989, with a limited budget and great ambition, she started importing foreign brands to support the market's growing demand for these luxury products. The Polish clientele responded with great enthusiasm.

Barbara continues to focus on expanding the business by traveling around the world in search of new foreign brands of shoes, handbags and accessories that are interested in expanding their brand visibility. She has developed these enduring partnerships with many international brands that have help her in building the Chiara name, and because of this she has been forever grateful and a devoted representative in her stores. She is the expert in the Polish fashion industry.

Katie McGuire

As an alumnus of Warsaw University Law School and Warsaw School of Economics she proudly holds degrees in both law and public relations. During her time at Chiara she has used this extensive educational background to become a great asset to the company. Katie has been with Chiara as the Director of Business Development since 2002.

Over this time she has been maintaining current relationships with the companies represented in our stores, planning business policies and goals, participates in fashion week merchandise selection and order processing, and creating new business partnerships with brands interested in being represented in Europe.

If you are interested in expanding your company's brand into Poland and would like to work with us please contact her directly at katie@chiaraboutique.com.